Wednesday, May 25, 2011


We were pleasantly surprised today by the presence of cement mixing and pouring equipment, as well as a whole crew of workers out at Bramblewood. They poured the footing for the house and the foundation for the well pump house.

We came back later after they had finished. They did this all in one day. Pretty amazing.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Property Improvements

We were told on Thursday that the building permit is ready and will be picked up by Adair (our builder) first thing Monday morning. 7 1/2 months after filing, it better be ready. I never would have imagined it could take the county that long to get their stuff together and I must say I remain unimpressed with their abilities down at the planning office.
Nevertheless, building should get started soon and we have a few improvements to report on, namely; a much nicer driveway that you don't need 4WD to drive on:

We also have electricity, a well liner, our water report shows good, healthy drinking water (woo-hoo!!!), and they've started to dig out the foundation. You can see the former and the latter in this picture:

New coop

We worked really hard on the new coop and are now starting the expansion to accomodate the chicks when they move in. The expansion will remain separate for a week or so with just chicken wire separating the two flocks before we remove it and they get to interact after having lived next to each other, seeing and hearing each other for a little while first. Hopefully it will make the transition easier, but who knows? I'm just hoping it goes fairly smoothly and nobody gets terribly victimized. I love chickens and am constantly impressed with their antics and cleverness, but they can sure be cruel to each other and could care less as long as they get what they want at times.
They've never picked on each other badly enough to cause any real concern though, and are a pretty darn contented flock most of the time.
Peck still sings everyone to sleep and their instincts are in excellent working order. An example: we've had a hawk fly over a couple of times and I was struck by how quickly they ran for cover before I even noticed it up above. The second time it happened, Peck was still scratching and the others were huddled under a tree hollering at her to get to safety. She looked up like, "what's all the fuss about", then realized what they were bawking about and ran over to join the group. Then they all just waited quietly together for a couple minutes, then back out to peck around some more.
It was actually quite neat to watch, I just hope they stay safe. I know hawks don't need much space to swoop down and grab some dinner.
Here's the coop, done enough to move everyone in:

And here it is a few days later, looking a little more finished:

New Brooder

The chicks were getting a little big for their plastic tote brooder, and I knew they wouldn't be getting into their outdoor space for at least 4 more weeks, so I decided to turn our old utility trailer into a huge brooder.
This was a few weeks ago when they were 6 1/2 weeks old. They are now almost 10 weeks and still have plenty of space; I just want to get them outdoors soon!
Here they are inside:

And here it is from the outside: